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Contact Paintball offers a variety of paintball products to include: Paintball Guns, Paintball Hoppers, Paintball Barrels, Paintball Masks, Paintball Tanks, Paintballs, Paintball Pod Packs, Paintball Clothing, and Accessories.  We keep our inventory stocked with the latest gear from top manufactures: Dye, Planet Eclipse, Empire, Tippmann, Bob Long, Luxe, and more.  If we do not have what you are looking for please email us at and we will do our best to find the product at the best price.

On top of all the great products, Contact Paintball offers the best customer service in Michigan and on the Internet. Contact Paintball is located at 36030 Industrial Drive, Livonia MI 48150.  We fully back all of the gear we sell and will provide lifetime labor on all new guns bought from Contact Paintball.

The staff at Contact Paintball has a deep passion for the sport of paintball.  If you have questions or need advice on any gear please let us know and we will answer you promptly.  Check out our blog and calendar to find upcoming events at our store and dates/locations that Contact Paintball will be at your local paintball field. 


Descriptions of Product Categories:

Paintball Guns / Markers - Markers come in a variety of styles and operating functions.  The basic classes of guns include Pump, Mechanical, and Electric.  With pump markers the player must manually reset the bolt with a pumping action.  These types or markers are known for accuracy and the player is forced to make well-placed shots.  Mechanical markers use air to reset the bolt and pulling the trigger will set off a mechanical action of firing the gun.  Electronic markers have a circuit board that is normally located in the handgrip.  When pulling the trigger it will activate a solenoid valve allowing gas to enter the chamber and fire the bolt.  Because pulling a trigger on an electrical gun only has to produce an electrical signal to fire it has a very light pull on the trigger to fire.  This will result in higher rates of firing; you can also program different firing modes for these guns (Ex: Semi, 3 round burst, PSP, Ramping, Full Auto).  Many of the paintball guns are also geared towards certain playing styles to include: Woodsball, MilSim, Speedball, and Pistols.  We are always striving to keep the best paintball guns in stock and multiple colors for each gun.  Also check out our calendar to see what fields Contact Paintball will be attending for a chance to fire and play with a demo gun.


Hoppers - All paintball guns use some form of a hopper that holds paintballs that will be fired.  Hoppers can be as basic as a plastic shell and balls drop from the hopper into the chamber of the gun by gravity. A basic hopper like this is very inexpensive, easy to operate and maintain. You can also get hoppers that include some form of a battery-operated motor that allows paintballs to drop at high rates. These hoppers are needed with electronic markers that can shoot faster and generally can drop balls as fast 20+ balls per second.


Masks - Your paintball mask may be one of the more important pieces of gear you can own.  If you do not have good visibility when playing then you will not be able to see your opponent to shoot. Therefore, one should take time and research current masks that are available on the market.  Paintball masks come in two varieties: thermal lens and anti fog coated lens. Important features for a paintball mask are breathability, comfort, and ease of changing out the lens.


Barrels - depending on the gun you purchase upgrading your barrel may be one of the best aftermarket purchases you can buy. Barrels are generally constructed of aluminum or carbon fiber.  Barrels can come in various lengths and are either two-piece or a single piece barrel. Manufactures take more time in constructing aftermarket barrels in ensuring they are smoother so that there is less resilience for a paintball as it travels through the barrel.  Porting along the barrel can also be done differently from barrel to barrel.  Porting allows for excess gas to leave the barrel properly and reduces the noise of the gun when firing.  It can also make the speed of paintballs more consistent.  Check all the great barrels we keep in stock.


Tanks - Tanks can use two types of gases: CO2 and compressed air systems. This air system is used to build pressure and fire the paintball from the gun. CO2 started out as the main air system used with paintball guns. Liquid CO2 is filled into the tank and CO2 gas is expelled when firing.  CO2's main disadvantage is that it susceptible to temperature and will experience spikes in velocity.  CO2 is also not favorable for guns that have high rates of fire.  Regardless, CO2 is still very common today and is fairly inexpensive. The alternative to CO2 is using a compressed air system.  Tanks for compressed air can be constructed from aluminum or carbon fiber. Compressed air systems provide better consistency of velocity when firing and are not affected by temperature changes.  The carbon fiber tanks that are available today are extremely light.  While, aluminum compressed air tanks offer a cheaper entry price compared to a carbon fiber tank. 


Pods/Pod Packs - Pods are plastic tubes that can hold in a range of 150 -200 paintballs per pod.  Traditionally a pod is placed into a pod pack that is worn on the player’s body.  Pod packs can hold anywhere from 2 - 8+ pods.  This gives a player the ability to carry extra paint on to the field and quickly pour paint into their hopper while playing.  This serves as a great advantage to any player using this setup and allows for them to stay in games that might be longer or when shooting with a high rate of fire gun.